Friday, December 29

Midnight thoughts // 2017 resolution

2017 is one of the craziest year. 
It’s coming to an end, and there will be this whole new year resolution and thoughts thing. 

I’ve always not felt the need to write such just because people are writing it, but the temptation this year is strong. 
 1. Friendship 
I lost a friend this year, by choice. I lost some friends this year, by circumstance. 

I’ve always been the type that need to be around a lot of people, and I’ll feel disappointed/sad/sian when I’m not invited to party because I’ll feel that I’m not liked. 

When it comes to friendship, I’ll try to compromise & you know, even if I’m angry or affected, I’ll just keep quiet so that everyone is happy. 
I chose to end the friendship because I felt she isn’t how I envisioned a “friend” should be. 

I erased the whole paragraph because I think details will just be “gossip fodders” for people, so yeah. Anyway I think from the very beginning, I think we are not suited to be friends because of our personality bah. 

Coming to losing friends to “circumstance”, likely because I changed job and just drifted apart. Sometimes I wish life is like The Sims - it never change. 
But I also made so many new friends this year. It might falter, eventually due to distance. But everyone is still important and a piece of my memory shard this lifetime, be it good or bad. 

And I’m thankful to be able to experience all these feelings and emotion.

Recognise it, then move on. Yeah? 
 2. Growing up 
2 things - from people & naivety. 

I realized that some people in my life doesn’t deserve my attention and friendship, because they are so fake (?). 

It felt good letting go, and knowing that whether they are going to be a part of my life moving forward, doesn’t matter anymore. & I shouldn’t waste my time trying to “connect”. 

There’s this girl whom I really see as a friend, but I realized that she doesn’t. “Smoking” me with ridiculous reasons to put herself in a better light. 



My mum has always told me not to be too trusting, and I really want to. But when it comes to trust, I give it away too easily. And i paid for the price. 

I told this colleague of mine some stuff, and she probably “mentioned” it to colleague B, then C then blah blah blah. I realized that she’s a blabber mouth, so I stopped telling her stuff. 

But it was too late because word spreads in office & before I know it, people form perceptions on what they choose to believe.
Never mind, we all learn. 
 3. Love 
I had a pause with SJ this year because I felt that we were living on different stage of life. 

Back then, he was schooling & I was working, so we were living on different “timezone” - aka I’m only free at night, but he is not. Then when he is free during the day, I’m working. 

This continued for a while and eventually, took a toll on our relationship because neither of us was willing to give up on our lifestyle habits. 

We talked a lot after the pause. 
And we realized that it wasn’t worth it. Work is work, but work shouldn’t precede over my relationship. I was prioritising work (to a certain extent) over my relationship, family and even health. 

& I’m glad we made it out of that because now we know what we really want. It still get a little hard at times (opening paragraph). This problem is more evident for me because my love language is quality time, so not spending time together is bad. But late replies is worst. 
 4. Health 
Nothing matters more than health. 

My gastric problem took a deep dive for the worst this year because I kept skipping & have irregular meals. 

My mind encouraged it because my weight was going down and my body shape has always been my worst enemy and insecurity. 

But it wasn’t sustainable, & was scraping my healthpoints. It was bad. 

I’m trying to get back into the active lifestyle now that I’m taking a break before the next stint. 

I’ve never worn a bikini in my whole life. I want to. 
 I feel like I’ve grown a lot this year. 

Sunday, March 12

[Sponsored Post] Sample Store x Beauty Keeper


Back with another entry on these products brought to you Sample Store & Beauty Keeper. A brief introduction on what the latter is about:

Beauty-Keeper, a place where all people can pick their own beauty goods and trendy, stylish products. We know many others wish to get their hands on Taiwanese fashionable skincare, make- ups and beauty supplements, and Beauty-Keeper has finally made it happen.

This time, the team was very generous to give me 3 products as featured below: 

^ Aurelia Aurita Moisture Jelly Toner

What is this?
This is an intensive hydrating serum with jelly fish collagen.It uses the newest smart diversity technology that combines the natural ingredients. 

What are the benefits?
  • Adds a lot of hi-tech water system to help further skincare absorption. 
  • Soothes and soften skin.
  • Flushes out pores and helps minimize the appearance. 
  • Sustain natural protective layer to bind in moisture. 
  • Help locks, reserved and supplied water to the skin from the outside.
  • Repairs dull sallow and aging skin from the inside. 
  • Moisturize, brighten, lighten and smoothen skin. 
  • Improves radiance and transparency of skin.

My verdict?
I started using the toner by integrating it into my day & night routine, and even though it has this tangy & hydrating texture, i didn't really like that it's sticky. I also did not see much change to my skin's condition so, perhaps this is not suitable for me.

^ PSK CC Cream corrector

What is this?
This is a corrector which is able to have 6 main effects, mainly:
  • Lightening
  • Complexion correction
  • Pore minimizing
  • Moisturizing
  • Refreshing.
  • Lighten dull skin.

My verdict
I don't really use cream as of some usage, so to be honest i rather stick to concealer? The texture is also a bit too 'heavy' for me, and since SG is extremely hot at days, i usually go for much lighter coverage

^ Eyes Light, eye brightener 

What is it?
Specially formulated to target sore, dry and tired eyes, Home Love Eyes Light is able to moisturize and relieve fatigue in your eyes. Their technique is by turning effective elements containing multi-active peptide and collagen into Nanoparticles for great absorption. 

My verdict
Used it for a few days, not bad but not a huge change. I think most likely have to use it very consistently over a period of time to see a clear difference of BEFORE v.s. AFTER. That said, i don't have a huge problem with eye bags so maybe thats why too!

Overall, i feel that i am more risk-adverse and rather stick to brands which i have heard before. But i love the concept of having an online platform here which gives SG girls 24/7 access to products which we cant buy because they are based in Taiwan. 

If you are interested, be sure to check out Beauty Keeper at http://beauty-keeper.com/ !

Sunday, February 26

Taobao Store | Recommendation & Tips PART 2

"Where to find cheap clothes on taobao?" "Where do blogshops buy their clothes from on taobao?" "Where to find korean style clothes on taobao?" "Taobao tips and recommended stores"

SG has caught on the taobao wave, and agents such as 65daigou etc has expanded their presence in SG because we girls (even guys!) just love to shop. From bloggers, to blogshop to house renovation, you can basically buy everything for a fraction of the price from the comfort of your home. 


Anyway, i realised that my previous post on Taobao garnered quite a few eyeballs (maybe sub-consciously i'm a natural at SEO?) but i thought the content did not do justice to the clicks at all. So i'm going to do up another post here with more content should anyone need more tips!

Qn. What stores do you shop at?

Generally i dont have a specific store which i purchase clothes from, but there are a few which i sub-consciously would keep going back to check out if there are any new instocks up.

I think 小宅女大购物 is one of those classic Taobao stores with skinny models, and very "Korean-style" clothes. Price-wise they are definitely on the lower end, & i have bought a few items from them before. Not too bad for casual and everyday wear, but the sizing might run a little (especially if you are like me - neither too fat nor too skinny). 

Good for students and fresh grads who need new clothes to run their everyday errands.

Cha cha is one of my favourite store even though they are on the pricier side (but really, for the quality of their clothes, the price is cheap compared to SG blogshops). I love their style - very unique and a mix between street & Korean (?). Their clothes coincidentally clashes with my own style, which is something along the line of "loose & comfortable" type of clothes LOL. 

I actually bought this cardigan from them (for Taiwan, but it didnt make it in time) and i super love it - so comfy and the colour is flattering af. 

This cost me around $22 with Ezbuy, and i think its OOS already. Very worth it cause its pretty thick, so i wear it around office since its almost north pole there. 

Great for office & middle-age ladies since the style is more "mature"..? & also because the prices are on the higher end. 

A bit similar to the first store, pretty classic taobao store. But for this one, i think they are more geared towards western fashion (think Zara!) which is in the same category as Haoduoyi Shop in my earlier post. Price-wise i think its ok-ok, so good for students & fresh grads too! I think if you don't mind wearing poorer quality clothes (as compared to the actual Zara/Mango pieces), its not bad for OLs too. 


EGGKA is a store recommended to me by a friend who bought from them & thought the quality is good. They have very clean & classic pieces which are great for work-transit-dates outfits, so i'm always tempted to buy from them (but a bit worried on the size la). Price-wise also on the higher end, that's why i didn't want to take the risk hahahah. 

Similar to Cha Cha, i think its suitable for 23 years old and above who are cleaning out their wardrobe to have more classic and quality pieces. 

HAHA don't know why people go taobao, i go taobao but i always spend more on clothes than them!! I think it's really the type of clothes i buy now that i am working and need more presentable outfit for meetings & presentations. In any case, similarly, their style is chic & a little Korean-ish, so not bad for dates OOTDs and if you work in a more relaxed environment like advertising/fashion. 

I still have a few stores which i bookmark (use this function - very useful!) but i'll keep it to these 5 and update another time when i'm free. 

Qn. What are some of the great buys from Taobao? 

Got into the dangling ear-ring craze a while back & started buying a lot of earrings which really level up my outfit when i'm trying to look more get-together

^ Fave pair so far!! Love how it goes well with 90% of my outfits all the time & i wore it during CNY day 1 to go along with my love bonito top hahaa. LINK here

↓ You know how recently bloggers / blogshop models have been wearing this tassel-like earring which is huge and dangles down? So basically i bought one too from the same store, and it turns out really good too! LINK here

↓ Going to introduce 3 items at one go LOL, because that's what i wore for 2nd day of CNY hahahahahha
Long version of ear-ring (LINK)


Inner tee for layering (LINK)


Outer oversized dress to complete the look! (LINK)

To be honest, i think a lot of people has been dressing up via this style that i actually went CNY visiting & a friend's girlfriend wore the exact same thing as me (just that hers is white inner shirt). So now i'm trying to avoid this look for a while lol.

But it's really comfortable lah! The quality of the inner & outer wear is really not bad, though the dress straps are quite thin so please be careful when u wear it out (no violent activities pls *cough)

Pretty easy to layer and play around too, so i think its pretty worth for the price! 

↓ One of my favourite buy recently - lace top! I've been wanting to try this style for a while but i didn't know how to style it to fit my personal preference (LINK)

Cant tell at all from below, so maybe i'll take a picture again when i wear this set out LOL. But basically i wore skinny jeans (cotton on - high rise jeggings, super super love that i bought 3) & a short sleeve bohemian-style outerwear from Stradivarius. 

Surprisingly the coordination turned out to be not bad, so i've been wearing it on days i have wardrobe malfunction. 

Qn: What are some tips to save money, navigate around the app?

I rely a lot on my mobile, so i like to find clothes via my phone rather than desktop (unless i am running out of time for a major sales e.g. no agent fee/shipping off 50% that sorta thing with Ezbuy)

1. Make use of the bookmark function

There are so so so many stores on Taobao, and sometimes you just have no friggin idea which is which, or when your friend recommended you a good store, you lose the link 3 days later. One way which i keep track would be to bookmark all these stores, and categorise them according to "Clothes" "Shoes" "Bags" "Home" etc. 

How? Simply hover over the name/link of the store (with the owner's store details - usually at the top of the landing page) and click 收藏

2. There is a function called 相似宝贝

Simply put, it let's you find other products in Taobao which are similar to the one you put in your shopping cart. I usually use this function to find clothes which shares the same style to expand the shopping cart journey LOL 

How? Just go to your shopping cart and hover your mouse over the space below 删除 at the most left of each product listing 

3. Use the function 找同款

How this is different from #2 is that the former search for similar products, but this function search for the exact same product within Taobao. This is exceptionally useful if you want to compare prices or to gauge the average price you should pay for the said product. But ultimately of course, you have to weigh in the reviews, credibility & shipping fees for the net total lah. 

How? For now, i am not too sure where this function exists on desktop, but showing you the mobile version 

When you are searching for the product you want, press and hold over the listing and these 3 buttons will appear

Click 找同款 & deng deng! You get to see all the other stores selling the exact same thing! Some stores offer free shipping, whilst other doesn't so this is very useful if you wanna be budget like me :D

4. Use 微淘 

Its akin to newsfeed for all the stores you have bookmarked (correct me if i am wrong) so be it new collection / any news, you can view it at the tip of your fingers. Very convenient and a good way for 5-mins glance through

How? It is located at the bottom of your homepage (highlighted icon shown below)

Okay, i think that's it for now LOL. Hopefully this can help more peeps to navigate around Taobao more, and also because i spent around 2hours on this post hahahaha.

Going to sleep soon, tomorrow still got work #Mondayblues.

Goodnight x.